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Bornholm's walnut schnapps with soul

Rosengaarden's walnut schnapps is made from walnuts from the large tree in the middle of the garden, which the Jensen family planted when they started Rosengaarden in 1965.

We pick the green walnuts just before the shell forms in mid-July and let them steep in schnapps for six months. The concentrate is then mixed to achieve the right taste and alcohol percentage, after which the schnapps is bottled.

The flavor continues to develop in the bottles, and over the years, it becomes smoother and rounder as the bitter tannins from the walnuts mature.

The schnapps is only sold at Rosengaarden and Kanns Hotel, but we are also happy to ship it. Order via the form at the bottom of the page, send an email to mail@rosengaarden.dk, or call us at +45 56 97 49 50.

All vintages:
35% alcohol, 50 cl.
275 DKK.


In 2015, we got the idea to produce a "commercial" schnapps after making walnut schnapps for our own use for several years. For the first vintage, our goal was to create a bottle that did not require aging.

The result was a light, mild, and easy-to-drink schnapps that quickly became so popular that we only have a few bottles left. After four years, its flavor has become even smoother, and calling it a schnapps is actually a bit misleading.


Our 2nd vintage is a classic walnut schnapps, strong with plenty of walnut flavor and a dry bitterness from the tannins, which, after three years, have added extra depth and richness to the taste.

It pairs well with a good piece of Bornholm cheese - if nothing else, the cheese is a good excuse because the 16-year-old schnapps can certainly stand on its own.


Here we have something completely different, which involves a long story about an old cognac oak barrel that first ended up in Rosengaarden's storage room and later at distiller Niels' place in Nexø, where our schnapps is produced.

The short story is that this schnapps is more concentrated than the previous two, and it has also been aged in the mentioned barrel. A touch of rock candy has been added to mellow the bitterness, and the result is a unique dram with a strong flavor of walnut and plenty of undertones of licorice and oak. There is some disagreement about whether you can also taste the cognac. Highly addictive.

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