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The main building of Rosengaarden was originally part of the Bøsthøj Cooperative Dairy, which was built in 1887.

In addition to the dairy, there was also a grocery store and a blacksmith's shop from the late 1920s onwards, and the small community even had a gas station for a period of time. The dairy, during its short lifespan, became the largest cheese dairy in Bornholm. When the current cooperative dairy in Klemensker started in 1950, the manager of Bøsthøj, Holger Haahr, was headhunted to lead it.

Bøsthøj dairy was shut down in 1963, and the buildings were bought by the Jensen family from the grocery store. The large dairy building was demolished in collaboration with the Bornholm County to improve visibility at the intersection, and in the rest of the building complex, grocer Jensen and his two sons built a hotel, which was named Rosengaarden. 'We had to come up with something to call it,' as one of the sons told us many years later.

The grocery store itself was converted into a banquet hall, and throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Hotel Rosengaarden became a popular place to hold family celebrations and outings. The garden was widely renowned for its many beautiful flower beds and stone settings.

In 1996, the then-owner decided to convert Rosengaarden into a hostel. For the next twenty years, the business was part of the Danhostel chain under the name Danhostel Boderne. The name Rosengaarden continued to be used, along with the traditions of hosting family celebrations, which we owe to the Jensen family for establishing.

Marian Lundh took over Rosengaarden in 2002 and has since operated the hostel and event venues on the property. Many things have changed, including the hostel no longer being affiliated with Danhostel, but the large old garden still catches the attention of most guests. Over the years, Marian has left her own mark on how events are held in the house but still emphasizes good service and homemade food, just as in Jensen's time.

The neighboring house, where the blacksmith lived, is part of the property and is rented out as a summer cottage under the name 'Smedens Hus' (The Blacksmith's House).

The dairy manager's residence, which now houses a guest kitchen and eight rooms, has been colloquially referred to as the 'forvalterboligen' (the administrator's residence) for many years. However, a couple of years ago, when we had a visit from a descendant of one of the dairy managers, it was strongly emphasized that it was indeed a 'bestyrerbolig' (manager's residence). We still try to remember that.

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