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NaturBornholm with a Guide

NaturBornholm is our largest experience center. With a guide, you will be taken hundreds of millions of years back in time to see how Bornholm looked then and throughout the ages. With the guide, you'll explore the bedrock, see fossilized jellyfish, glacial erratics, and hear many interesting and educational stories. Inside the center, you can step into a time machine and discover crocodiles and dinosaurs. You can easily spend 2-3 hours at NaturBornholm.

At NaturBornholm, you'll also find Cafe Saurus, which offers reasonably priced food and drinks.

From Rosengaarden, you can walk 5 km or rent bicycles. Many schools choose to walk back and forth. If you rent bicycles, you can continue your trip to Almindingen or Dueodde.

Hammershus with a Guide

Hammershus is Northern Europe's largest castle ruin and one of Bornholm's major attractions. The stunning nature and beautiful backdrop must be experienced when visiting Bornholm. The knowledgeable guides share stories and provide optional themes, including costumes and carriage rides, to give you a glimpse of what it was like to live at Hammershus. They also talk about the ancient kings and who occupied the tower, and much more.
From Rosengaarden, you can take a bus there and back. You can be dropped off at Hammershus, take a guided tour, have your packed lunch there if desired, then walk down all the stairs to Kamelhovederne, continue to Hammerhavnen, hike up Hammerknuden, take a quick look at Opalsøen, and finish in Sandvig. The bus will pick you up and take you back to the hostel.

Other Tours

  • Christiansø Northern Tour (bus tour 9-17)
  • Southern Tour (bus tour 9-16)
  • Middelaldercentret with a Guide
  • Døndalen, Kunstmuseet/Helligdomsklipperne, sailing with Thor to Gudhjem
  • Bike rentals
  • Evening tours to Hammershus or Middelaldercentret
  • Evening tour, walk to the beach, Boderne Harbor, and Læså
  • Guided tours to all towns

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